My old cloth shop, song

John Grant, singing in English
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My name is Tom McNulty a man that is well known
O'er in the city of Glasgow I've got a business of my own
Down in the old Saltmarket my name is o’er the top
And I'm doing a rattlin' business in my ould cloth shop.

I sell trousers from the corduroy up to the American tweed
Petticoats shifts and blankets and I sell them at a very good speed
I never sell an article without I get a good cut
And I'm doing a rattlin' business in my ould cloth shop.

A man came in the other day a coat out for to buy
I showed him one at four and six try that one on says I
He tried it on it fitted him just for the walkin' away
When I tipped him on the shoulder saying for the coat you didn't pay.

He turned around and he looked at me and then his fist he drew
Doubled me up upon the floor saying that's how I'll pay you
He welted me and he pelted me I thought he never would stop
For he was bloody near leaving a funeral in the old cloth shop.


I'm paying a man ten-bob a week for standing at the door
Shouting out at the top of his voice to bring them into the floor
They're going out they're coming in you'd think they never would stop
For I don't need any cripples in the ould cloth shop.