Here’s to all true lovers, song

Paddy Hegarty, singing in English
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Here’s a health unto all true lovers
And here’s to mine wherever she may be
And this very night I will go and see her
Although she’s many’s a long mile from me

Although the night it be dark as a dungeon
And not a star to be seen above
Sure I’ll be guarded and be safely guided
To the arms of my own true love

But when I reached her bedroom window
I laid my knee down on a stone
Through a pane of glass I softly murmured
Calling bonnie lass do you lie alone

She lifted her head from her down-white pillow
She lifted her head from her lily white breast
Saying who is that at my bedroom window
Disturbing me from a long night’s rest

It is I says I It’s your own true lover
Why don’t you rise love and let me in
For I am tired of a long night’s journey
Besides I’m wet to the very skin

She opened the door with the greatest of pleasure
She opened the door and I walked in
And we hugged each other and we kissed together
Till clear daylight came peeping in

Then the cocks are crowing we must be going
For the cocks are crowing for the dawn of day
And the cocks are crowing we must be going
We are but just servants we must obey

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